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Fear of the Unknown

Life throws many curveballs that cannot be avoided. What we choose to do in these situations will determine our state of happiness. Keep in mind that everyone is going through something at all times, whether it is tied to your health, your love life, your professional life, your finances, your children, etc. As such, it is important to consider how you deal with curveballs so you do not self-destruct when the balls start flying. In the age of social media, where individuals choose to present the absolute best parts of themselves, it is easy to feel as if your life is somehow lacking in comparison to others. Remember, although we can construct some aspects of our lives, there are many things that are outside of our control. As such, coming up with key life strategies for dealing with fear is important.

Here are 5 clear strategies for dealing with fear in your life:

  1. Stop and reflect on what is at the root of your fears. Is it something you can control? If so, what can you do to tackle the problem?

  2. Keep a journal. Journaling about what you are feeling on a daily basis can assist with having a personal record of events in your life that may trigger your fears.

  3. Talk to people. It is important to have key people in your life who will support you when fear takes over. You are not weak for sharing your fears. Remember that whoever you choose to share with has fears, too.

  4. Cry. If you need to let it out by crying, do not repress those tears. Release them, so you can get to the other side of fear.

  5. Do something kind for yourself. Whether it is taking a walk, going to the gym, or watching TV, be sure to take care of you.

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© Crystal Belle, PhD

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