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Do It Today! The Self Love Life 101 Transform Your Life in 7 Days Guide

Self-Care Guide!

THE Do It Today! PDF interactive guide which also comes with 5 specialized videos to assist you with each section, is meant to help you from being STUCK to being FREE in just 7 DAYS! The guide is divided into 3 sections: Self Love, Finances, and Relationships. You have a series of targeted questions and journal activities to help you think through what is currently holding you back in your life while providing CLEAR strategies for moving forward!

1-Hour Video Coaching Session

Best Seller

In this hour-long video coaching session, I help you identify your goals and develop strategic plans to help you start crushing your goals immediately!

Self Love Life 101 Membership

Customer Favorite

Self Love Life 101 membership plans are directly connected to Patreon, where I share weekly micro blogs with radical self care tips you can put into action immediately!

Self Love Life 101 Professional Services

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Self Love Life 101 provides customized professional development sessions and curricular resources for individuals, schools, and organizations rooted in Critical Race Theory and radical self care.


Crystal's coaching services have changed my life and helped me accomplish new things.

Crystal is a healing soul who has helped me discover my deep self worth. She has helped me become kinder, gentler and more forgiving of myself while also helping me achieve my goals. She is a guiding light in my life and the world is truly a better place because of her.

Emily A.

Katie O.

Education Consultant & Ceo: Dr. Crystal Belle

Radical Self Care & Critical Race Theory

In order to live in our purpose, it is important to take care of ourselves.  Taking care of ourselves means exploring our racial, cultural, physical, spiritual and interconnected identities as a means of healing the world from the inside out. CRT centers the experiences of BIPOC. As such, my personalized lived experiences as a first generation Caribbean Black woman in the United States, has given me a unique lens on radical self care practices.


Who is Dr. Crystal Belle?

Scholar, Writer, Educator & Life Coach

Dr. Crystal Belle is an experienced DEI Leader, education consultant, self-care coach and author. As the founder of Self Love Life 101, her goal is to help people live their best lives through online video coaching, educational consulting and fitness/wellness support using a Critical Race Theory lens. Book a service online today!

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