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Stop Trying to Fix What Is Unfixable

If you are an overachiever like me, then you know what it means to try to fix things that are seemingly unfixable. You’re stuck in traffic so you try to blow your horn louder. Nothing changes. Your current job does not align with your purpose, but you keep pressing on anyway in hopes things will get better. It never does. You keep people in your life who have toxic spirits, because you just can’t let go. Those individuals continue to be toxic to us and for us. Why do we continue to pursue things and people that do not love us?

Part of the reason for this is because human beings are naturally over-controllers. We want to control things, particularly when we feel something or someone slipping out of our hands. We try new strategies to stay stuck in a position that no longer serves us. Some things are just not fixable. Do you hear me? YOU CANNOT FIX EVERYTHING, no matter how hard you try. The best way to accept this is by loving ourselves in a more radical and intentional way.

The idea of letting go is nothing new. In fact, letting go helps us make room for more new journeys in our lives. When we hold on to things that no longer serve us, it is impossible to evolve into the person we can proudly stare back at in the mirror. If you persist, push and persevere for someone or something that does not love you back or pursue you back, let that shit go and make space for new and healing people, places and projects.

Fix what can be fixed and leave those people and things that cannot be fixed where they belong: in the past.

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