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Why Staying Inside Can Be Freedom, Too

You never thought this day would come. The day where you cannot hide behind that hairstyle, that haircut, that fly outfit or that fancy car. The day when you may have been laid off. The day when you are suddenly teaching your children remotely, while trying to work remotely yourself. The day when you were told that a hiring freeze means that you will not receive that 3% raise that only covered your gas for the year. The day when outside could no longer serve as a pathway to happiness. Your happiness, the one that you are responsible for figuring out in a world that is not controlled by you, is suddenly all about you. How do you do that with both grace and sanity? How do you practice self-care and self-compassion when you honestly have no answers for what the future holds?

You look to social media as a crutch for self-understanding and although glimpses of faith arise, still, in the mirror, there is only you. In the morning, it is you. In the afternoon, it is you. At night, it is [still] you. And so we start judging others, which is rooted in the fears of how we judge ourselves. We cry silently and smile publicly, although it is no secret that we all cry. We turn outward instead of inward, because we are afraid of our scars that are deeply seared into our skin. We make empty phone calls and set up friendly Zoom sessions to pass the time. But have you thought about what will happen after? There will be an after. The fact that you are here now, today, in this moment, is a gift. Embrace your gifts while expanding upon your creative talents. Your gifts may mean catching up on rest or creating a new television series. Your gifts may mean moving your body or returning to a creative project now covered in dust. Whether you acknowledge it or not, your presence right here, right now is a gift.

Here is what you can do today. Look in the mirror again without the outside mask of escapism. Ask yourself: Am I really trapped right now or is this the freedom I have been waiting for?

I can help you navigate the new you that is waiting on the other side of fear.

Crystal Belle, PhD

Founder | Self Love Life 101

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