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Black Bodies and Radical Self Love

To talk about radical self-love while living in a Black body is almost like an oxymoron these days. We cannot do much without getting murdered, including jogging, driving, walking in gated communities or seeking help after crashing your car. Since I was a teenager in the 90s, I survived my secondary school years through the brutalization of Abner Louima and the murder of Amadou Diallo. As a result, I have never had much faith in police as both of these men lived in New York, where I am from. Everywhere I turned as a teenager growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Black men were a target. I am 38 now and not much has changed in that regard even pre-during-post Obama… Yes, I am amazed yet not surprised, too.

I love being Black. It is a gift, an inheritance against all odds. Black is beautiful, Black is magical, Black is kind. Black is bold. So why are we constantly being murdered for doing regular things? Why are the Karens of the world so angry?

One of my driving forces for starting Self Love Life 101 back in 2017 was because of my own positionality as a Black woman navigating several spaces: higher education administration, online fitness/wellness communities and social media small business communities. The more I continue to navigate these spaces, the more I realize how much more work needs to be done when it comes to loving ourselves out loud.

The system of racism and white supremacy must be abolished immediately. And I know it starts with loving ourselves more while creating action plans for protecting all Black lives.

Self Love Life 101 is an intentional movement to love myself as a Black woman in the face of racism, sexism, patriarchy and economic inequality. I want more of us to be free and part of our healing process begins with health and wellness. I sincerely look forward to working with as well as learning from more of you as I continue this radical self love journey.

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